Career day in 2015 (ENG)

What is the career day?
The career day of the 18th of February 2016 is meant for biomedical, biology and psychobiology students from the faculty of science of the University of Amsterdam. The career day is organized by the study society Congo. This day will take place at the Sciencepark in Amsterdam. Since 2010, the scientific research and educational activities at Sciencepark are organized in one comprehensive faculty. This is motivated by developments in both science and society, with new challenges often found in the overlap of several disciplines. Students at the Science faculty make use of the newest equipment’s and have room for both differentiation and specialization.
The career day will take place from 13:00 until 17:00 after which a casual drink will take place to finish the day.
What is the target group of the career day?
About 250 bachelor and master students are expected attend the career day. Mostly master students will attend the career day. Those students are looking for jobs in the near future. The bachelor students are looking for a career path in order to choose the fitting master for this career. Hence, this is a great opportunity for your company to meet young and ambitious talent.
What are your possibilities at the career day?
On this career day there is a market where your company can engage in conversations with the students in order to inform students about the activities of your company. There is also a possibility for companies to give workshops to the students. These workshops could improve the student’s position on the employment market, for example a workshop on solicitation skills.For the past years we have had the pleasure to welcome several companies to our career day, for example Seedvalley, Studelta, ACE and ILO.

This career day is all about the good matching of students en companies. Therefore, your company has lots of possibilities to shape this career day to your individual wishes and needs. There is a set program, which your company can attend. However, there is also room for other ideas. Please contact us with all your creative ideas! In this way, the career day gives the opportunity to make yourself known to students in a personal way that suits the looks and feels of your company.


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