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The companies of 2016 are shown below:




FOM Institute AMOLF is one of the research laboratories of the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM), part of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). AMOLF employs about 130 scientists and 70 support staff. The institute is located in Science Park Amsterdam.

AMOLF has biological and physical research programs. In our Systems Biophysics program, we pursue the quantitative, systems-level investigation of functional cellular modules. Following tremendous progress in the biophysical study of single molecules, an important challenge for the future lies in the combined experimental/theoretical study of multi-component systems that dictate the functional behavior of living cells.

At AMOLF we will focus on active cytoskeletal materials and biochemical regulation networks and the interplay between them. In vitro techniques have now arrived at a level where multiple cellular modules (both mechanical components and regulation networks) can be reconstituted simultaneously in relevant cellular geometries. In addition, the properties of regulation networks can be unraveled in model systems using genetic engineering, advanced microscopic techniques, and computer modeling. A physics-based, bottom-up approach to cellular modules contributes to the quickly developing field of systems biology. This program heavily relies on the close interaction between theoretical and experimental groups at AMOLF and is carried out in strong collaboration with biology groups worldwide.


Check Mark

Looking for a job in or around the laboratory?

Established 20 years ago, CheckMark Labrecruitment specialises in recruitment & selection and the secondment of laboratory professionals in the Chemistry and Life Sciences industry.

Do you have an education to the level of MLO, HLO, MSc or PhD? We mediate in starter, professional or management jobs in Chemistry, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and the Food industry. We work for the large laboratories of multinationals, research institutions, contract laboratories, government institutions and hospitals.

At our offices in Gouda (HQ), Rotterdam and Amsterdam, a team of 13 specialists is ready to help you with the next step in your career.

What we are looking for

CheckMark continuously is looking for both starters and experienced laboratory professionals. From lab technician to senior manager, Checkmark has a wide variety of positions in the Chemistry, Life Sciences, Pharma, Biotech and Food Industry

What we offer

On the basis of a personal interview with you, we outline a clear profile of your technical skills, personality and competencies. That takes a little time, but then you do make the right impression on your new employer. And let’s be honest: surely you want to make the best possible first impression?

On our job site you can find the up to date overview of our job openings. You can either apply at one of the positions or register with us. We will contact you when a suitable position is available.

Explore your Talent!

About The Donders Institute
The Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour is a world-class research centre devoted to understanding the mechanistic underpinnings of human cognition and behavior in health and disease. The Institute is home to more than 600 researchers from 35 countries who share the common goal of contributing to the advancement of the brain-, cognitive- and behavioral sciences through investigator-driven research, and improving health, education and technology by applying advances in this field. The Institute’s mission includes conducting interdisciplinary research of excellence at the unique interface between genetic, molecular and cellular processes at one end and computational, system-level neuroscience with cognitive and behavioral analysis at the other end. Within this range we focus on four research themes:

In front of the class as an academic: Eerst de Klas
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Enza Zaden

Enza Zaden is an independent vegetable seed company, developing healthy vegetable varieties responsibly and selling seeds all over the world. There’s a good chance that you’ll find our tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, lettuce or other vegetables on your plate, no matter where you are.

The key to our success? Combining the most advanced technologies with the green expertise, creativity and drive of our people. We closely cooperate with our growers, and with their wishes and that of retail and consumers, we create innovative products meeting their demands.

Enza Zaden has over 1500 employees worldwide, from 40 nationalities. We are a company with a supportive, energetic culture, and we stimulate innovativeness and personal development.

As our company continues to grow and our activities keep expanding, we are always looking for new ambitious, creative, passionate colleagues who are strong team players and easily take responsibility. We have numerous positions and challenging internships to offer, both in the Netherlands and abroad. You’ll work in highly advanced laboratory facilities equipped with the latest technologies. Activities at Enza Zaden that are of interest for BSc or MSc students Biology or other Life Sciences, include: Bio-Informatics, Molecular Biology, Genomics, Genetics, Biochemistry, Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology, Cell Biology. Please, visit our website at for the latest vacancies or fill out the online ‘open application form’.



Go4Master – Enjoy an unforgettable student life!

Go4Master is founded by, and for students with an international ambition. This service came into existence through our experience with studies abroad. We have encountered the same questions and problems as you and we were incinerated by the fact that there wasn’t a central firm which could help us. Because of this, we realised that a clear, thorough and independent advise can be very helpful during your preparation. This is the main reason for us to help every Dutch Bachelor student with their preparation for an unforgettable student life in the UK! Go4Master is the result of this vision and we are here to help you! Go4Master’s service consist out of help with the orientation, accommodation, financial possibilities and application. Go4Master offers students this service for free which means that you do not have to pay for this.

Do not hesitate to visit our website ( for more information. Boost your career and enjoy an unforgettable student life!

logo_Genomics-Student-Lab logo_Green-Student-Lab

Green Student Lab

A new way of doing an internship

A unique connection between industry and university

The Green Student Lab is a new research training environment for students where the University of Amsterdam teams up with companies in the green sector. It combines an academic environment with innovative questions from industry in a way that gives both students and companies several advantages. Since the opening of the Green Student Lab in 2014, more than 25 enthusiastic students have been trained here and various projects have been successfully completed.

You start your internship with choosing a project from our portfolio. During your internship you will run this project in an interdisciplinary team of 12-15 MSc, BSc and HBO students. In the course of your research, you will gain experience in industry R&D while at the same time developing your scientific and academic skills. In addition, you will receive feedback on your personal skills and personal development through interactions with the lab’s supervisors/teachers.

We have recently expanded our horizon and opened the Genomics Student Lab. We are currently establishing contacts with companies and institutes for projects in diagnostics, pharmaceutics and biotechnology. The fields of expertise include genomics, genetics, RNA, molecular biology and microbiology.


About KplusV
KplusV works on building a better society and stronger economy. We help public organizations and companies excel, so they get the best out of themselves and out of each other. We advise governments, public organizations, entrepreneurs, start-ups and public-private partnerships on six main themes: Finance, Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Growth, Ecosystems & public-private partnerships, Social economy, Sustainable economy & environment and Transformation of public organizations.

Our people stand for thorough advice. For knowledge of both the public and private sector. For experience with innovative projects. And for an entrepreneurial mentality. We connect people and opportunities. We do this in an informal and collegial manner. But with a tremendous drive to succeed. With inspiring initiatives and good ideas. As a consultant,  program manager or guide. We think, dare and act.

Our people make KplusV into a modern, no-nonsense knowledge company. Flexible, innovative and results-driven. Accountable. Our strength lies in our approach: a solid mix of advice, matching and direct results. In bringing people and resources together. Preferably in a public-private ecosystem.

We have been working by these principles since 1984 and today, we work on these principles with over ninety employees from our offices in Arnhem and Amsterdam. And our ambition is to remain market leader in it. Because we experience and deliver added value every day. In our projects, for our customers, the society and ourselves.




Sanquin is responsible for safe and efficient blood supply in the Netherlands on a not-for-profit basis. Sanquin also produces medicine from human plasma, performs high-quality scientific research, develops and produces blood group and immune reagents, develops and performs a multitude of diagnostic services, provides education and training, and advises physicians in hospitals.

Sanquin employs almost 2800 people representing various disciplines, like scientific researchers, physicians, donor assistants, (bio)pharmacists, technicians, account managers, product advisors and process technologists. Division Research employs more than 250 scientists, amongst which 80 PhD students, 50 post-docs and 10 professors. We perform basic, translational and clinically-applied research in the fields of cell biology, immunology, autoimmune diseases, blood transmitted infections, stem cells, cellular and immune therapies, hematology, blood coagulation, blood transfusion medicine and donor studies.

Most of the investigations are performed in close collaboration with other Sanquin divisions (Plasma Products, Diagnostic Services, Blood Bank, Reagents), national and international research institutes, universities or (university) hospitals.

For more information and an overview of the currently available internships, please visit our website

logo studelta
About Studelta
Studelta has been an intermediate for young high potentials for over 10 years. We stimulate our employees and trainees (talents) in their development and with them we help organizations to renew their processes. We are a connecting agency that helps organizations to find the right talent for the job, while our talents help them become a better version of themselves. We focus on development in every sense of the word. For example: we organise our own talent development program. Are you looking for a job that challenges you and helps you develop your skills? Register yourself at and maybe we can help you!

You can also follow us @studelta

tesla minor


The Tesla minor is an intensive and full-time programme at the University of Amsterdam with a duration of five months. The aim of this minor is to connect science, business and society. This minor gives space for a selected group of master students of the beta faculty that are interested in an extra challenge next to their normal study programme. Students work together in groups of three on a project for an external client (Government, company, NGO, etc.).

Projects are complex, and are on the interface of academia, business and society. Students are responsible for the success of their own project. This requires skills like project management, communication and presentation. In the Tesla minor there is a lot of opportunities to improve on these skills, because half of the time is reserved for personal development through trainings, workshops, lectures and sports.




Dutch women/girls are underrepresented in science and technology, particularly in the Netherlands. However, research over the past decade has demonstrated that girls are no less talented than boys in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). This is a loss for girls/women, as well as for society. Girls/women have equal rights as boys/men to develop their STEM talents, and society would benefit from fully exploiting all available talent. Complex societal problems require a multitude of perspectives and creative technological solutions.

The talents of diverse groups of people are necessary, reflecting both genders, different age-groups and ethnicities. VHTO, the Dutch National Expert Organization on Girls/Women and Science/Technology, aims to increase the involvement of women and girls in STEM fields. VHTO contributes to this aim by organizing activities with schools, universities, companies, and the government. The ctivities of VHTO cover every step on the educational ladder, from primary and secondary education to higher education and the labor market.

Logo rijk zwaan
About Rijk Zwaan
Rijk Zwaan has a first place in the food-producing chain. We develop vegetable varieties and sell the seed of those varieties to growers all around the world. The focus of our organisation is very strongly on research and development and we collaborate intensively with supermarkets, vegetable processing plants and  restaurants to name but a few. This enables us to develop tasty, visually-appealing and healthy vegetables that perfectly mesh with the wishes of consumers. With 2,500 colleagues in 30 countries we daily devote ourselves to this with great enthusiasm.

Due to our continuous growth we regularly have new vacancies: at our headoffice in The Netherlands as well as abroad and in all possible disciplines. We have opportunities at intermediate, higher and higher-research-orientated educational level, for students and starters as well as for (highly) experienced candidates. From laboratory assistant to ICT person and marketing specialist.

We’d like to meet you 18 Februari.


The moment Wendelien and Mariah discovered that there are synthetic substances in tampons, sanitary napkins and panty liners, they were shocked. Where are the ingedriënts not on the outside? Wendelien and Mariah believe that it is time for change and that is why they started Yoni.

The tampons, sanitary napkins and panty liners from Yoni do not contain plastics or other synthetic substances, also no chloor  and no traces of pepticides. Besides this, the products of Yoni are all biodegredable.
Yoni wants to give every woman the opportunity to choose for healtier women products. Because, which woman does not deserve this right? Spread the word so together, we can change this industry!