Speakers 2016

The introductory speaker of 2016 was:

Leen van Den Oever.

foto leen

Leen van den Oever is the director of the Dutch Institute for Biology (NIBI). The NIBI is the professional association for professionals in the biology of the Netherlands. The NIBI is mainly involved in the development of biological knowledge, the improvement of biological education, the practical application of biological knowledge, the public support of generating biological knowledge and last but not least the career prospects for life science students.

To meet the last goal the NIBI is always on the front line of the career prospects for life science students in the Netherlands: They publish regular reports on the career prospects for life science students in the Netherlands, For example this one. (Dutch only)

Before working at the NIBI Leen van den Oever has made an extensive career in wel known companies ranging from being the account manager and sales manager of the world famous GlaxoSmithKline, to being in the board of health insurance companies like NUTS health insurances and leading the commercial enterprises of Calcar insurances.
In short Leen van de Oever may be an interesting speaker for all who wish to pursue a career in as a life science graduate. Unfortunately Leen van de Oever speaks Dutch, though all his slides will be in English and he will accept English questions and answer them in English.