Speakers 2017

Jurriaan van Rijswijk

The founder of the Games for Health Europe Foundation and the winner of the ICT Personality of the Year 2014 Award, Jurriaan van Rijswijk, has been pursuing an interesting career. With an agrarian education at the University of Wageningen, he eventually started his own business in the field of game design after various functions. As an Applied Game Architect, he develops strategies for healthcare games, including patients with chronic illness or as support for lifestyle changes or rehabilitation. In his story he will explain how he has come to the various steps in his career. It is an example of a special career whose end is not yet in sight.


Victor Lamme

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at UvA, Victor Lamme, researches the consciousness and the brain. He is best known by his book: “The Free Will Does not Exist”, which was published in 2011. In that same year he was one of the founders of Neurensics, a successful neuromarketing company that researches the effect of various ways of advertisement in relation to the brain of the consumer. In 2016 Victor Lammes newest book was published: “WHY? Looking for what really drives us’, in which he gives us insight into the underlying factors that influence our actions. Enough material to discuss; and you can do so in Victor Lamme’s lecture that will have a College Tour-like setting in which all your questions can be answered.