Workshops 2015 (ENG)

Workshops: about the companies providing the workshops and detailed information about the workshops of the career day.

studeltaStudelta is a talent organization that started in 2005. They are currently mediation about 500 HBO and academics for organizations that want to change. Studelta wants to help people and companies move forward by focusing on development. They connect young talent and organizations, as well as different generations. They are convinced of the power of young, highly educational talented people and they would gladly contribute to the development of a company. Their dream is to collectively have an impact on the society.

Workshop: Know your value
”What do you want to do when you grow up?” Most likely you’ve had this question as a kid. Usually, you had a concrete answer like ”I will become a pilot”. But do you also have an answer to the question: where will I be after my study? Where do I want to see myself in the near future?

The workshop ‘Know your value’ gives you the opportunity to get an insight in your ambitious with a recruiter of Studelta. Based on an orientation and selection method of Studelta you will get an insight in your motivations, personality and talents. Active questions, self-reflection and experiments make this workshop dynamic and give you concrete tools to work energetic on your future!

students4studStudents for Students has been a mediator for over 20 years in highly educated employees, HBO and WO students and young professionals with a working experience of 5 years. The concept is ‘from student to starter’. Students for Students connects HBO and WO students in an early stage of their study to an organization and guides them through their study related part-time job into a starters function.Currently, Students for Students is located in Amsterdam and in Utrecht. Students for Students has a focus on a personal approach of candidates and clients. Employees at Students for Students where once students themselves. Therefore, they can understand your wishes and know young professionals.
Down to earth, full of passion and with personal attention is how Student for Student searches for the perfect matching. If you are interested in what Student for Student can do for you, see the website

Workshop: sollicitation training
In this workshop you will know all the details about what a sollicitation looks like. You will get tips on how to improve your CV and your presentation skills. You also get information about all the things an employer pays attention to and is interested in knowing. You will exercise with solicitation conversations and practice with common questions.Bring your CV for a CV-check!


TAQTTAQT is a trainings bureau for anyone who wants to influence. TAQT gives inspiring and effective trainings since 2003 for commissions, teams, organizations and companies. TAQT works with the vision of improving a companies functioning by giving involved people the change to have a real influence.


Workshop: communication & social positions within a group.

During this workshops, through experiments different situations and compositions will be simulated using the Belbins team rolemodel. This will give you an insight in your strong and weak personality traits. You will get to know what position you favor while working in a group. The workshop will focus on how to improve a team and how working together will be optimal. The goal of this workshop is to give an insight in what kind of working environment best suits you. This will help you make the best choice after your study!

workshops ENG

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