Workshops 2017 (ENG)

Brein in Beeld

‘The translation of science’

Brein in Beeld (BiB) is a foundation that translates (neuro)science into society. She aims to do so by organizing several activities for interested laymen, children (primary and secondary education) and elderly. The activities vary from discussion nights, lectures or movie nights.

Essential for BiB’s activities to be successful is the way of communication. The scientist (or clinician) is not always trained in science communication. However, in the current society its highly important that scientists do communicate about their work.

In BiBs workshop we will investigate which ingredients are necessary for great science communication and we will put this immediately into practice. Several neuroscientific topics will be translated into a popular scientific message by the participants of the workshop. Their audience can vary from children, caregivers, patients or else. So let’s get the message across!


Green A

‘Work for your boss or be your own boss?’

Door Peter Buis

Self-employed entrepreneur, starting your own business, being your own boss. It seems so fun and that is exactly how it is. Peter Buis shares his knowledge and tells about his working life and his own experiences as an entrepreneur in this workshop. He especially invites everyone to his workshop who is thinking about taking take on the labor market during or after the study. Buis highlights the difference between his employment at a company like Shell and now as an entrepreneur behind GreenA. The company GreenA is based at the Science Park and the result of a UvA valorization. Since 2014, their product Squall is being marketed in agrochemistry and since 2015 an external investment fund has also been established as a shareholder.


Students Career Centre

 ‘The most efficient way of finding a new job’

What is the most effective way to find a job after your studies? Where do you start looking and what is important to know? Your first impulse is probably to look for vacancies. But where do you find such things? And what jobs are related to your interests and wishes regarding work? In addition, most people get a job through acquaintances. What steps can you take to use of your network in a smart way?

During this workshop, you will consider all the steps of applying for a job and get a view on your position in the job application process. You will get practical tips on efficient orientation and application.


UvA Student Careers Centre

‘Resumé check’

Design your future

The career counselors at the Student Careers Center offer professional guidance to students and graduates at key moments in their (study) career. Think about mapping your professional profile, job orientation, developing skills for job interviews, information on the work of recruiters work and more. We also do resume checks and give feedback on your LinkedIn profile. Every day we conduct individual conversations with students, we facilitate training and workshops, and we provide information on training. In addition, the Student Careers Center organizes large-scale career events, such as the UvA Career Day, and we develop various digital tools such as the UvA Job Board, the UvA Student Portal and Student Alumni vacancy portal. At the Congo Career Event we do resume checks on the Carrier Market. Sign up and bring your resume! (Laptop or printed)



“What it takes to be an entrepreneur”

By Erik Boer

In this workshop, Erik Boer (Director of ACE – Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship) will teach you what it means to be an entrepreneur and what kind of qualities and skills are involved. During a practical assignment, you get the chance to create a business case yourself and take on the role of the founder of a startup. Based on (social) issues, think about appropriate solutions and how to translate it into a business model (ie: how do you earn money?). Are you curious about entrepreneurship and what’s going on in this world? Join the ACE workshop!


Young Advisory Group

In this training you will meet the Young Advisory Group, a consultancy company run by students. We tell how our company works and what kind of assignments we carry out. Then you get started with a short Business Case. This means that you will help a fictional customer with a difficult strategic problem. Very useful to gain experience as it is often used during job applications but also good to get an idea of ​​what consultancy entails.