Workshops 2016 (ENG)

The workshops of 2016 are shown below:

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The workshop of GOEP en KO is only available in Dutch
Workshop career day

Rizgar Saltik

How do you start your own business as a student?

Did you ever dream of starting your own business? If so, why haven’t you started your own business yet? To hard? No time? No experience? Do you think that starting your own business is only reserved for smart, commercial or graduated people with a good idea and enough time?

What if I told you that this is not true? Everyone can start a business, even you! Especially you! As a student you have all the knowledge, people and other resources available that you need for this. During this seminar I will explain to you in small steps, how you, as a student, can turn a vague business idea into actual execution.

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For more general infromation about Studelta see the Career fair page.
About our training:
Are you aware of your own potential? Do you know what makes you tick, and what sets  you apart from the crowd? Find out how you can focus on you best assets to enhance your chances of finding the right job for you!
Students for Students

 Students for Students mediates already 20 years in higher educated personnel, college and university  students and young professionals up to five years of work experience. The concept is easy, ‘from  student to starter’. We help college and university students with study-related work and internships. Even after your studies we welcome you to sign in at Students for Students for a suitable starter function or traineeship. Students for Students currently has three offices, in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Students for Students distinguishes itself from other agencies by a personal approach to both candidates and clients. The people who work at Students for Students have all studied and can therefore respond well to the needs of the target group of students and young professionals. With great passion, common sense and personal attention will Students for Students make the perfect match. For more information about Students for Students and to see if we can do something for you, please visit

During the career day Students for Students will offer a workshop in ‘Applying for jobs’. Do you want to participate in this workshop? Take your CV along for a CV-check!



About the workshop:
Women are underrepresented in science and technology in the Netherlands, both in academia and in business. Franka Buurmeijer from VHTO will introduce you to the facts and figures on girls/women in STEM (natural sciences, technology, engineering and Mathematics) in the Netherlands and abroad and shortly to the causes of the underrepresentation of women underrepresentation. She will be joined by an UvA alumnus who pursues a career in science and technology. Together they will provide you with tips and tricks to avoid pitfalls, take opportunities and enhance your career prospects.